The Possibilities for the Pats are Precisely Preposterous

Seriously though, is this for real?

2007…The most insane football season I have ever seen…well…we are going to test that theory this season. While we can’t predict 16-0 again, it’s definitely possible. Yes it’s only Week 3 (for them), but have you looked at the schedule? While there are a few hard games on the docket it appears very few that the Patriots could lose. Sure, any given Sunday, yadda yadda yadda, we get it. But let’s be real. What are we looking at (presuming – knock on wood or anything that resembles it – health), 14-2 or 13-3 AT WORST. Probably a good shot at 15-1 or...the ever taunting 16-0 again?



The Pats have one ‘weakness’ and that’s their secondary. Well they aren’t exactly facing murder’s row out there (no,  Aaron Hernandez isn’t coming). Weeden, Fitzpatrick twice, Tannehill twice, the Black Knight moonlighting as Peyton Manning with no arm, Marcus Mariota, Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford, Tyrod Taylor again, One of Brady’s old Backups (TBD by Billy O’Brien), either a recovering Andrew Luck or a 40 year old Matt Hasslebeck the third best BC QB ever.


And more than that...not just record wise but what ELSE are the Pats on pace for. Well Brady is on pace to Shatter the old DYAR record (one he owns from 2007) of 2764 yards by about 600 currently pacing at 3243 yards (DYAR is a Football Outsiders metric which measures the total value a player is worth in yards over a replacement and is adjusted for defenses faced).  That’s ridiculous.


His basic stat line if he plays at this level all season comes out to: 5,931 yards, 48 TDs, 0 Interceptions. Now that is absurd. Clearly Brady won’t end up being THAT stellar (at least we can't predict it), but let’s say he ends up with 5,350 yards, 47 TDs, 7 Ints. How ridiculous is that?


But Brady isn’t the only one on pace for crazy full season stats:



Gronk’s end of season extrapolations: 85 receptions, 1643 yards, 21 touchdowns.



Edelman’s current projections: 160 receptions, 1488 yards, 11 touchdowns.



Dion Lewis you ask? 779 rushing yards, 11 rushing touchdowns, 80 receptions, 955 yards.



Gostkowski? He’s just going to go 37 for 37 on Field Goals and 75 for 75 on extra points.



And don’t you worry, the Pats are on pace to set the fewest punts in NFL history at 27 (the current lowest punts in a season is 34 by Greg Montgomery for the Houstoin Oilers in 1990). O and by the way if you’d like to feel really good about yourself that means he’ll get paid roughly $75k per punt.


Don’t worry I didn’t forget the defense entirely:


Chandler Jones is on pace for 16.0 sacks, and Jamie Collins beats that with 19.0 sacks (that would be a club record)  as his current extrapolation (the last time the Pats had even one player over 15 sacks was in 1985 when Andre Tippett recorded 16.5).



And let’s not get into the fact this team could challenge of beat not only the 589 points they scored in 2007, but the 2013 Denver Broncos current record mark of 606 as this year’s Pats are currently scoring 39.66 points per game, which over the season would be 635 points.

Yes people, the possibilities are preposterous. Now let’s remember Pats fans, when your team suits up to demolish (hopefully) the Dallas Cowboys today…it’s only Game 4. Maybe we should temper expectations just a little bit (I mean the Duck Boats don’t need to be ready yet), let’s just enjoy the Revenge Tour Part Deux and the return of the F.U. Touchdown.