There goes the GOAT

Arguments can be made against, but they can't be won

In January I'm going to be a Dad, and I can't wait for my son to be born. And while Dad's-to-be think of all types of crazy things and possibilities for their kids, there's one odd thought that keeps popping into my head - I hope he'll get to see and remember Tom Brady play live. Yes that line is serious, and for an insane sports fan like me, which I presume my kid will be too, it's an actual real thought - I want my kid to get to experience the best of everything in life. Well when it comes to quarterbacking in the NFL, whether now or all-time, there's none better than Tom Brady. It's actually also insane to think that at the age of 38, I'm having these thoughts, because quarterbacks aren't supposed to be studs for, and play for, this long. But Tom Brady is different.


Now this normally is where I'd drop a bunch of stats on you, so much so that the argument would be so airtight that you couldn't help but submit to the obvious fact. But, it's not even necessary here. The arguments against Brady being the GOAT, are so asinine, so narrow, or so obviously biased that making one for him isn't really needed. "But Montana never lost a Super Bowl, and did you see how he played in big games" - yes, so you are penalizing Brady for making it more, and for being better everywhere else. "But Manning has better (more) statistics and more MVPs" - and Manning has played three more years, Brady has a great shot to 'catch up' to those statistics, and the MVP is subjective to some degree anyway (not to mention each extra has diminishing returns on it's perceived added value). "Otto Graham was an even better winner than Brady" - sure by pure percentages and 'titles' per year. But by numbers, and actual quarterbacking, or by actually remembering that Graham played in a league other than the NFL for a large chunk of his career (the AAFC, not to down it), it's hard to take the claim at face value. Especially since it is only using winning, which is not the actual argument for Brady. Similar to the Hall of Fame Candidacy for David Ortiz, Brady being GOAT was once debatable. However, at this point, with all the piling on, it's pretty much cemented. And nothing has done that better than the end to Brady's 2014 season, or what he has done so far in 2015.


And on Thursday Night, I got to see Brady, in person again, perform his magic. I went to the game with my Dad, on short notice, because it was another chance to see greatness. There may not be too many left, so it needs to be appreciated every chance. On the 4th touchdown pass of the night, I just thought to myself in the immortal words of Mark Jackson "Mama, there goes that man"...the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

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It's still October and the Patriots have almost wrapped up their division. They are flirting, even if it's just the early stages 20 questions type, with the possibility of perfection again. Brady is the current frontrunner for the MVP award (it would be his third). And all the while we are watching something incredible, a once in a generation, possibly a once in a lifetime athlete further distancing himself from the pack. He's already the greatsest quarterback by the opinions of most, soon maybe we'll even consider him the greatest athlete.