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Manny Being Sorry

Should Boston forgive Manny Ramirez?

Most apologies come across as disingenuous, whether someone is truly sorry or not. The feeling should be that if someone is sorry they did something or said something offensive, why did that person do it in the first place? Public apologies are no different, as they are typically coated with insincerity. So should the public, or in this case a team’s fan base, accept an apology that’s six years overdue? Is it really better late than never?

Not a LOTTO Luck for Celtics

Lottery fails the Celtics again…

When the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Draft Lottery you can count on one thing: they’re not landing the #1 pick. They never had a chance. If they miss the playoffs again next season…forget that, if they win 10 games and lose 72 next year, they will get 4th pick. Luck is absent for the Celtics in the Lottery, their chances are the same as Bluto’s grade point average in Animal House: ZERO. POINT. ZERO. Last night the year 2014 joined 2007 and 1997 in the miserable history of green ping pong balls. So, now what?

Bum of the Week - 5/16/14

This week’s loser is Bruins forward, Shawn Thornton

Scotty’s BUM of the Week returns, and this week a local sports figure takes home the honors. I have to preface this week’s edition by saying that I like Shawn Thornton a lot. He’s a tough, hard nosed player and a good teammate. He’s been an outstanding citizen during his time in Boston and he has become the face of the renaissance of the Big Bad Bruins. But Shawn Thornton is what he is….an enforcer. Every team in the NHL has one, and he is the guy who impacts the game with his physicality.