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Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 4/29/16

This week's loser is Marlins second baseman, Dee Gordon


Rule of thumb: whenever a player gets suspended for PEDs, especially in Major League Baseball, this is where you’re going to end up.

Seriously, if you know that MLB is going to drug test you morning, noon and night for six months, why would you risk putting anything questionable into your body? Stupid!

Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 4/22/16

This week's loser is Celtics forward/center/pussy, Kelly Olynyk


I want him gone. Today if possible.

I have never been shy about letting people know that I am not a fan of Kelly Olynyk. So as the Celtics return home to TD Garden for a must-win Game 3 in their playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks, Olynyk can’t go. His shoulder is sore. You’re kidding, right?

Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 4/15/16

This week's loser is NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver


How much money is enough?

I’d like to start by saying that I think Adam Silver is doing a commendable job as NBA Commissioner. Call me naïve, but I feel that since David Stern stepped down there isn’t a huge whiff of impropriety every time I watch an NBA game. Yes, I believe that he fixed games. I could name hundreds of blatant examples. But I won’t go there. Last year the NBA Finals featured teams from Oakland and Cleveland. What more needs to be said?

Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 4/8/16

This week's loser is Scottie Pippen


Scottie Pippen is a lot of things. Overrated certainly comes to mind (he was very good, not great), a horrible human being certainly fits (he doesn’t tip at restaurants and goes up to homeless people on the streets and makes fun of them- a real class act). But of all the adjectives you could dispose on this scumbag, salty might be the most fitting.