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Football Fridays - Wrap Up: Thursday Night Games, Martin/Incognito, Player safety, Receivers effect on Quarterback performance.

Okay, lots to talk about on the docket this week. A lot. The NFL season is in full swing and there are some things that I just want to dissect.

Thursday Night Atrocities

Chris O's NFL Power Ranking 10/16/13 (Week 6)

Another unbeaten falls (in dramatic fashion). Only the Broncos and Chiefs remain, two very good - yet very different - teams. It's still too hard to really tell the good teams from the bad teams, but the mathematical rankings will help us out.  The eye test:

Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 10/16/13 (Week 6)

Post Week 5 rankings in parenthesis, record in brackets.


Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 10/10/13 (Week 5)


Maybe Jacksonville should spend less time and money designing helmets and more time and money in building a competent roster.

Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 10/11/13 (Week 5)

Ok I lied Game N will be explained today but the mathematical power rankings won't start til next week (need every team to at least have 5 games for the numerical portion to be relevant, so with bye weeks, that's Week 6). Everyone should know which team is number 1 this week. Even with their close call. They are clearly at this time the class of the league.


Football Fridays - Are Quarterbacks Overrated?

Sure, the position of quarterback is CLEARLY the most important one on the football field. That is not up for debate here, nor is that there is a position that is really close to the QB either. However, because of media obsessions, and being inundated with information and opinions, is the position absurdly overrated? Have you even noticed that quarterbacks play their best with a very good to great offensive line, and while having clearly the most weapons.

Chris O’s NFL MVP Race – Post Week 4

Some players are starting to make clear cut moves as MVP candidates. Although the top 10 is a little more set, the only clear cut standing is Peyton at the top spot. Manning has been beyond phenomenal. The top of the list is now littered with quarterbacks, which is beyond not surprising, it's extremely expected.



Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 10/03/13 (Week 4)

Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 10/03/13 (Week 4)


This is the preview week, you get my rankings like always, and then you get my formula for determining a statstical power rankings. Remember, the statistical power ranking are completely based on numbers and NOT on feelings or opinions. Now for the 10/03/13 Rankings (note there were no rankings last week do to a catastrophic event in my life - I got married - I am not planning on this happening again).


Post Week 2 rankings in parenthesis, record in brackets.


Football Fridays - TNF Wrap Up: Are the Chiefs for real??? And will Chip Kelly be on the hot seat?

After another awesome night of Thursday Night Football (okay I lied, I'm already upset and feel like somehow Thursday Night Football is ruining my week - for my picks, my fantasy, my concept of the space time continuum and just watching quality football...but I digress) I feel like a ton of questions just opened up about what I saw. Wait, are the Chiefs for real? Is Chip Kelly going to be on the Hot Seat any time soon? Can Michael Vick continue as a starting quarterback? Will Alex Smith be able to take a talented team over Peyton Manning's Broncos for an AFC West title?

Chris O's NFL MVP Race - Post Week 2

After a topsy-turvy week in the NFL, the MVP Race is all over the place. Very few familiar faces make the list. And it seems there doesn't seem to be a clear cut favorite/front-runner….well, except this guy:



1.) Peyton Manning - Its not even close right now, if the voting ended today Peyton would be MVP by virtue of a flawless record and nearly perfect statistics. Although his Week 2 wasn't on par with his Week 1 performance (how could it be?!?!) he is still light-years ahead of the pack. Last Week: 1A.

Chris O's NFL Power Rankings 09/17/13 (Week 2)



Yup, Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks sent an early notice to the league demolishing the San Francisco 49ers 29-3.  It's still too early to really figure out anything, but its fun to look at. Next week the mathematical rankings will be explained so BE READY!!!

Last week in parenthesis, record in brackets.



Chris O's MVP Race - Post Week 1




1a.) Peyton Manning - Yes, records mean something. And so does an amazing seven touchdowns. Now this should be tempered with the fact Manning has the most (or 2nd most; Matty Ice is looking spoiled) weapons in football. Manning was mentally epic, though his arm strength is still not vintage Peyton. Passing Stats: 27/42 462 yards, 7 TDs, 0 INTs, QBR 83.6, QB Rating 141.1.


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