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Football Fridays - A Fantasy Addiction

I love Fantasy Football. You might say I'm an addict, or at least a heavy drinker of the kool-aid. This coming week I have eight drafts (two Sunday, one Monday, two Tuesday, two Wednesday, one Thursday - none overlap really, God Bless the Fantasy Gods for making me an amazing schedule) and I actually took one of my vacation weeks this week just because of drafting. I have 10 teams in total, which is a cut down from last years 13. Nothing beats a good Fantasy Football draft (okay maybe a good blow job- but lets keep this family friendly).

Football Fridays - Chris O's Roster Projections Version 1.0


Chris O's Roster Projections Version 1.0 (I want this noted I originally wrote this on TUESDAY).


Here's the roster break down of WHO they keep, and depth chart


Hey Kid, you're not getting my job...EVER!!!

QB - 3

Brady - A beyond lock....they'd keep him even if he was in a wheel chair.

Mallett - Unless they can trade him for something great, he's still here.

Tebow - You brought him in, wasted resources, plus he's a good guy.


WR - 6

Amendola - The Welker Clone-hopefully, huge health concerns.

Football Fridays: Preseason Game 1 - Patriots @ Eagles Friday August 9th 2013

Awwwwwwww Yeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh Whoooooooooooo!!!!

That's all I'm hearing in my head….over and over. And Over and over….why? Patriots preseason is about to kick off….(yeah its lame I'm this pumped about preseason but I've been watching the seasons of Friday Night Lights to keep football in my life this summer - great show by the way, top 10 shows of all time and Jurnee Smollett is hot). Without further adieu!!!


She is hot, but she doesn't have that rocket arm, advantage Brady.



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