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Aaron Hernandez arrested - no formal charges yet - also released by the Patriots

The Aaron Hernandez saga continues. Hernandez was arrested this morning by local authorities. No formal charges have been brought up, but the possibilities floated have been obstruction of justice, to conspiracy and accessory to murder one. No one really knows however, and even 'insider' information has been murky at best (and contradictory). As far as we know neither of the other two men 'involved' or 'around' (since we don't know who did what) have been arrested as of yet.

Spurs seize 2-1 Series lead over Miami, headed by the strong play of Duncan, Snipers

After a demolishing 113-77 Spurs win, the 2013 NBA Finals series pendulum is clearly favoring San Antonio. To say the series is over would be beyond brazen, but the 100th playoff win for the Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginoboli trio was the type of victory that can swing a Finals. After Miami threw a haymaker in Game 2, winning 103-84 (and evening the series 1-1), the Spurs came back with an even harder punch.

Bruins up 3-0, push Pens to the Brink of Elimination on the strong Netminding of Tuukka Rask

This was the game the Penguins needed, and they played like it, repeatedly pushing the pace, being much more crisp than in Game 1 or Game 2. The dominated at times, winning 65% of the face-offs and out-shot the Bruins 54 to 40. But it didn't matter.


Hey NBA, No Funny Business

You can hear it from critics of the league, sometimes even supporters, whether in casual talk at the local water cooler, in an online sports forum, on T.V. or over the radio....the NBA is Fixed, or at the very least not on the up and up.

The Faulty Logic of 'Clutchness' - A response to Mike Francesa and the rest of you Morons

Okay, wait a minute, hold the phone, time the f*ck out.....are you trying to tell me getting to a point and losing is worse than not getting there at all? So losing a Super Bowl is worse than not getting to a Super Bowl? So Kevin Durant is now LESS of a player because he lost in the Finals last year? That's the logic I'm seeing. Basically I can make an argument for myself as the GOAT quarterback or the GOAT point guard (my two favorite positions to play in sports) or even the GOAT anything.....because I've never lost a game????

Bruins vs. Pens Preview - The Eastern Conference Clash of the Titans

As if there wasn't enough reason to want to win an Eastern Conference Finals (Hello! The Stanley Cup Finals!), this series has a lot of  added intrigue or good story lines. There's Jarome Iginla picking Pittsburgh over Boston to go after the Stanley Cup which has eluded him, after there was already a possibly deal - that was leaked - to bring him to the Bruins (a team by the way he had put on his list of teams he would want to be traded to). There's Jaromir Jagr, the Iginla replacement plan for the Bruins, who, let's just say isn't a fan or organizational favorite in Pittsburgh.


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