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Ain't Nobody Dope as me I'm just so Fresh so Krug

In a world where we know the probable first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft (here's looking at you Andrew Wiggins - just stay healthy during your mandatory purgatory collegiate season); in which we watched LeBron James play high school basketball on National T.V. - as a junior; where 'Sid the Kid' was the next Gretzky before he even entered the NHL; where there is already a top five ranking of every position for next years' NFL draft; or where Bryce Harper was donned the 'LeBron of Baseball' as a young teenager, it is great to see a story of an athlete come out of nowhere.

Armond Armstead, Danny Amendola and the other Patriots off season 'Acquisitions'

So, for better or worse, the Pats (and their fearless leader BB - no not Jones) have been making a lot of moves this off season. Let's review, and grade a bunch of the moves.


Writing on the National Football Post website, Dan Pompei looks closer at the Patriots' signing of defensive lineman Armond Armstead from a scout's perspective.

The Bruins find their Claws, just in time to save Claude/Season

In an attempt to better myself from within, I have been working on being able to admit when I am wrong. Well I was wrong tonight about the Bruins, writing them off as 'chokers' and believing that they needed a major change here is what I wrote (but don't you worry...the ending changed).

KG retiring?!?!?!


Kevin Garnett has announced to close friends that he's retiring from NBA, according to a source.

The source, close to Garnett, told ESPN that Garnett will have to have surgery on not one but both ankles during the off season, and that he came the decision that he wouldn't be healthy to compete next season with the Boston Celtics.

Two teammates claim that after the Game 6 match-up against the New York Knicks, Garnett had hinted to them that he would retire after the season was over.

Chris O's Round 1 Review, Day 2 Preview

So this day should actually be even better than yesterday, not as much hype but better for actual watching (let's face it, too much time is given for 1st Round picks), and watching just one round can get ridiculously boring (especially if your a Pats fan and you know - but forgot to mention - that the Pats would probably trade out). Day Two is the way it should be, a few rounds of damn good players and enough time to marinate about each pick but not have to hear the same thing ten times about a player between pick.

The Bears are Roaring

The Boston Bruins are rolling. And although we have all heard criticisms about the power play (but they finally scored at home!!), Chris Bourque (who was finally sent down) and the offense just not scoring enough (four goals in the last three games?) nothing about this team shows that they should be anything but winners. The 2013-2013 Bruins (yup it's that kind of shortened season) should have as good a shot as any team to win this year's Stanley Cup.

Nathan Horton looks back to form...Good sign for the Bruins.


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