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You never Trade Grit and Balls, and you never leave these Cs for Dead

After last night's crazy Super Bowl, I'm not sure what has me more confounded….the way football is now played (where defense is dead, the 'superteams' almost never win, and every Super Bowl may just be the greatest game you've ever seen) or the left for dead Boston Celtics, who are 4 - 0 in their last four games.

Jared Sullinger out for the season - Needs back Surgery

According to Adrian Woj of Yahoo Sports sources say Jared Sullinger needs back surgery and will miss the remainder of the season....I kind of had the feeling when Sully went down out with 'back spasms' knowing he has a bad back.




All I know is Celtics fans say ouch! And hope he will be back for the rest of his career....this was always a red flag...


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