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Hey Dumb Athletes, we're gonna find out Eventually (this means you Manti and Lance)

This isn't the 1920s, the 1960s, sh*t this isn't even the 1990s where we all were just blind to steroids in baseball for years - what do you mean someone gaining 30 pounds of muscle in a year and going from 15 to 50 home runs isn't natural? This is 2013 people, this is the information age, the 'age of aquarius,' where if you sext someone, your picture could end up public fodder on the internet forever.

LeBron James reaching the Milestones: 20,000 points & 5,000 assists

In a Miami Heat win against the Warriors last night, King James passed two epic milestones in the same game (same half): becoming the youngest player ever to score 20,000 points (28 years, 18 days), and passing for 5,000 assists. Let me just tell you as Dywane Wade said "[We] all witnessd history tonight".

Divisional Break Down (Part 3) - The Wrap Up....

A great weekend of football, lots of unexpected winners from what a lot of people thought (I saw a lot of Denver and Seattle picks, hey I picked 'em too). Let's review Sunday's games first.


Matty 'Ice' finally won a playoff game and is on to the NFC Championship game. Russell Wilson, you can look forward to next year.



Falcons 30, Seahawks 28 - Recap


Hey Dick Sherman, being on the ground is not good coverage....

Divisional Break Down (Part 2) - Oh What a Night

Let's review the amazing games that were yesterday. And then I can break down the keys to the games, and give you my picks for today. Clearly both of my picks for yesterday lost, but my keys to the game were more than on point.




Peyton Manning did not have a good day, nor did he improve his position among the all time great quarterbacks....



Ravens 38, Broncos 35 (2OT) - Recap


Was this the play (or misplay) of the game?? (according to ESPN, before this play Denver's win probability was 97.3%).


Top 20 QBs of All time Version 1.0

Will one of these men go down as the greatest QB ever???

Of course this piece is not a definitive answer to who really is the greatest quarterback of all time, nor is it an unquestioned determination of which quarterbacks are better than the others. What it is, is an educated assessment of the different Quarterbacks who have played in the NFL and where I would rank them. You can disagree with my rankings but be prepared to back up why, because I’m prepared to back up my work.


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