The Bears are Roaring

The Boston Bruins are rolling. And although we have all heard criticisms about the power play (but they finally scored at home!!), Chris Bourque (who was finally sent down) and the offense just not scoring enough (four goals in the last three games?) nothing about this team shows that they should be anything but winners. The 2013-2013 Bruins (yup it's that kind of shortened season) should have as good a shot as any team to win this year's Stanley Cup.

Nathan Horton looks back to form...Good sign for the Bruins.

Diary of a Fat Boy Skinny Week 1 Results - The Easiest and Hardest part All at once

Now when making a lifestyle change (really exercising and dieting but we 'diet' all wrong) the beginning is one of the hardest parts. It's always hard to start to change. Once something becomes a routine it is infinitely easier (not that we want to get into learnt behavior and such). However, the beginning of a 'weight loss campaign' is also the easiest time to lose weight. The first week (or two sometimes) you usually shed the most weight, the fastest, with the least amount of true effort. People need to remember, really being in shape is just discipline and work.


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