Rondo slight ACL tear - Now out for season?

Reports indicate Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has a slight ACL TEAR more later...


So based on multiple sources Rondo will be out for the season with his ACL tear and will have to undergo surgery (he tore it during the 2OT game against the Hawks and kept playing, tough little guy....)


Hey Dumb Athletes, we're gonna find out Eventually (this means you Manti and Lance)

This isn't the 1920s, the 1960s, sh*t this isn't even the 1990s where we all were just blind to steroids in baseball for years - what do you mean someone gaining 30 pounds of muscle in a year and going from 15 to 50 home runs isn't natural? This is 2013 people, this is the information age, the 'age of aquarius,' where if you sext someone, your picture could end up public fodder on the internet forever.


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