Top 20 QBs of All time Version 1.0

Will one of these men go down as the greatest QB ever???

Of course this piece is not a definitive answer to who really is the greatest quarterback of all time, nor is it an unquestioned determination of which quarterbacks are better than the others. What it is, is an educated assessment of the different Quarterbacks who have played in the NFL and where I would rank them. You can disagree with my rankings but be prepared to back up why, because I’m prepared to back up my work.

For the NFL, Manning Injury is a Pain in the Neck

By: Scott LaCascia

Love him or hate him, Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game. Check your stat sheet, Manning-haters, the numbers don't lie. Since being drafted Number One by the Indianapolis Colts in the 1998 NFL Draft (Ryan Leaf could have been drafted first overall?...really???), Manning has thrown 4,682 completions in 7,210 attempts for 399 touchdowns and 54,828 passing yards, all within 208 consecutive regular season games. Impressive resume to say the least.


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