Tom Brady Keeps on Chugging

Tom Brady keeps climbing up the all time ranks, passing milestones and accumulating wins - while not really even slowing down!

At some point during today's game agaisnt the Jets, probably while it's still in the first quarter, Tom Brady will pass 60,000 career passing yards, being only the 5th player ever to do so (joining in order of the most yards - Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Drew Brees and Dan Marino). His ascension up all of the leaderboards should come as no surprise, as he's played at a high level for such a long time.

Chris & Cash Podcast- 10/21/16

This week we discuss the MLB Playoffs. Terry Francona's historic managerial run and the Cubs try to clinch their first pennant in 71 years, we also sprinkle in Patriots the link below and stay tuned for next week's episode. 


In Loving Memory of

   Peter SanAngelo




Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 4/29/16

This week's loser is Marlins second baseman, Dee Gordon


Rule of thumb: whenever a player gets suspended for PEDs, especially in Major League Baseball, this is where you’re going to end up.

Seriously, if you know that MLB is going to drug test you morning, noon and night for six months, why would you risk putting anything questionable into your body? Stupid!


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