So the NFL is in the news and it's about this guy named Brady?

Yea I can be impartial

I’ve abstained from officially putting anything ‘out’ about DeflateGate, Tom Brady, the Wells Report and all that Jazz…..but this is just too good and it’s Media Frenzy Gold. Every day between Mother’s Day and today I’ve started to write something and then said – nahhh…..don’t bleed your bias onto a piece. Let’s face it, I’m about as unbiased as the Wells Report. Again I said about, not more probable than not because face itI’m much more open minded, even after I’ve been hitting heavy from the homer soup. I try to remain objective, TRY, which is something Ted Wells didn’t no matter what he wants to assert on NFL set up conference calls. The Wells Report is based on poor assumptions, bad science and fuzzy math. It doesn’t have holes, as that would suppose there is substance around it. The report is a hole, and empty space with a little filler here and there….it’s less like Swiss Cheese and more like the Universe. But I digress, this isn’t meant to be a bash of something a middle school kid can tell you doesn’t make logical sense. I mean when the Science predicts a PSI and your balls measure by the same gauge EXACTLY in the middle of where they should (11.44 PSIG) then the conversation should be over. What am I worried about here? Where do we go now?

Everyone should just relax

This has been HORRIBLE and GREAT for the NFL….horrible in the sense that a little lost PSI may destroy it like one shot from an X-Wing can apparently take down the Death Star. Great because, well shiiiittttt, when’s the last time the NFL dominated the month of May this hard over the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA title run???? Forget that the Red Sox are meh, and forget that other sports even exist. I don’t know how many people know the current head of the UN or if they care what’s really going on in the world (remember this isn’t ISIS, no one is dying). Tom Brady’s Q Score/Rating has never been higher. He IS the biggest thing on planet earth right now. Tsarnaev just got the death penalty, a cousin in an email chain (all Sports talk all the time type thing) sends the following: “Sentenced to Death” to which I obviously reply “We mean Goodell right?”. Ballghazi is taking over. And it doesn’t appear like it’s going to end. Tom Brady and the NFLPA are in one trench, the Patriots with Kraft and the hoodie are in another as their allies, and then in the enemy trench is Roger Goodell and his shield….I couldn’t write this script if I tried.



But again where from here? Well Brady and the Pats probably both sue. It seems highly unlikely an appeal to Goodell (which he should never hear) will get them anywhere. So what does this mean? Does the suspension get reduced or tossed?  Do the Patriots get their picks back (which would be unprecedented)? Does Goodell lose his job? Is Goodell able to save face? This is the most interesting thing the NFL has ever been through. And remember, they dropped the Wells Report right after the Sports Weekend of the Century (Kentucky Derby, Clips v. Spurs, NHL playoffs, NFL Draft, and that boxing thing). They knew what they were doing and that this would get a ton of play. Anyone think this may all be some pre-planned WWE type stuff?



And for Brady HOW does he come out of this? Well in my opinion, as long as he is never shown to have directly cheated he may come out of this better than ever. And I don’t mean because he’s gonna go all Sith Darkside 2007 F.U. TouchDown pissed angry monstah Brady. I mean because this is the first time, in a long time, that I’ve seen Brady look this ‘human’ (trust me I was at his Salem State talk). Brady the man has clearly been working on his image in the past season or so with all his Facebook activity and calculated moves in the public eye. Americans LOVE the guy that gets knocked down and comes back, they love a fallen hero, they love someone who has been through incredible adversity and then brings the best out of themselves. Well this is Brady’s biggest chance to permanently remove the chip from his shoulder forever. If Brady plays great in 2015 and beyond, and can at some point complete his new quest for the ‘Drive for 5’ he may be more beloved and respected than ever before. Again as long as he isn’t proven an actual cheater.