Red Sox Round Up - Cui Bono? Cui Gives a Sh*t?

It was a balmy 52 degrees and somehow the rain cleared at perfectly the right time (hey I was running late – 6:10 starts suck). Joe Kelly, the clear Cy Young Forerunner, provided a strong passable borderline start...

Kelly was reaching as high as 100 on the radar gun –be it accurate or not – but he was getting rocked like a 1st Grader being sucker punched by a 5th Grader. He minimized the damage, to only a Pearl Harbor like event. First inning Field Goal – great 3rd out hold. But none of the struggles seem to matter….

It’s April. That’s right April, and while the Fenway Faithful (even if it is a faithful of Pink Hats) are more raucous in April than most stadiums are all year round it’s just too early (for the first time this year-actually probably the first time in forever-I didn’t actually want to murder myself during Sweet Caroline….that’s how good the atmosphere was at Fenway last night). People who overreact to April baseball are like idiots who overreact to the first few weeks of the NFL season….so let’s pull an Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X. What’s that the Red Sox bats hitting a combined .230?!?!? – R-E-L-A-X. What the Red Sox have the worst rotation in the AL?!?!? – R-E-L-A-X. It wasn’t that long ago (just a few weeks actually) Mookie Betts was a surefire Hall of Famer (o wait he is again after last night too huh?) and the Sox were on pace for over 100 wins….again it’s April.


On his way to being the greatest ever or the next Boston Farm system bust?

On his way to being the greatest ever or the next Boston Farm system bust?

Baseball doesn’t get serious until at least June, and even then it’s hard to make any good prognostications until at least the middle of July (unless you’re me, being the earliest person predicting the Red Sox to win the 2013 World Series while actually having justification). Not to drag out a baseball to football analogy but the end of July is like baseball’s Thanksgiving time….it’s when you start to see who the real teams are. Let’s not forget….each team if goin to win 40 out of 100 and lose 40 out of 100 it’s only the other 20 that count. Well those last 20 haven’t been played yet. Koji looked the best he has all season long – the whole three weeks. And Hanley looks like he’s gonna tear the cover off the ball all year. But it’s still April, and April is too early to judge a Red Sox team….still with the pitching and hitting like this and the Sox are 11-9….I’ll take it.