Ain't Nobody Dope as me I'm just so Fresh so Krug

In a world where we know the probable first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft (here's looking at you Andrew Wiggins - just stay healthy during your mandatory purgatory collegiate season); in which we watched LeBron James play high school basketball on National T.V. - as a junior; where 'Sid the Kid' was the next Gretzky before he even entered the NHL; where there is already a top five ranking of every position for next years' NFL draft; or where Bryce Harper was donned the 'LeBron of Baseball' as a young teenager, it is great to see a story of an athlete come out of nowhere. Torey Krug is such a story.

Torey Krug has been more than a pleasant surprise for Coach Claude Julien and the Bruins - Image from blogspot

     Krug, an undrafted free agent out of college, has barnstormed into the spotlight, becoming the first rookie defenceman in the history of the National Hockey League to score four goals in his first five playoff games. Yes, you read that right, first defenceman in the history of the 'game' to do that during the playoffs, which is really the start of his career (we are throwing out the two games he subbed in last year). From undrafted to playing Bobby Orresque (at times his skating from coast-to-coast is beyond ridiculous). He may be the Bruins future and holy grail they have been searching for, an offensive defenseman that can move the puck with ease, possibly developing into a Kris Letang type.

   As clearly evidenced from the above video, Krug offers a deadly skill-set as a defenceman on the offensive end: he is a vicious sniper - to say the puck pops of his stick does not do him justice; he also possesses insane stick skills, shown by that between the leg  move. Krug seems to have the total package, he can pass, he can score, he can skate, and he can defend. The only real question is, is this lightning in a bottle or can we expect something similar out of the rookie going forward?

When so many 'greats' are pre-determined by an early age, its refreshing to see a player vault into prominence unexpectedly...Image courtesy SI, obviously.


No one is banking on Krug to keep up his torrid pace, four goals in five games plays out to 66 goals in a complete season - not going to happen (for the record the most goals by a defenceman in a season is 48 by Paul Coffey, Bobby Orr is second with 46). What Bruins fans and the organization hope, is that Krug is not just a temporary wonder. Sports fans have seen too many Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin flash in the pan types. Great initial spontaneous success and the hype machine touts them, and then suddenly they aren't much of anything. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen to Torey Krug....the newest fresh face to emerge out of the 'big four.' Ain't nobody dope as him, he's just so fresh so Krug, so fresh and so Krug Krug...


Maybe Amar'e should have spent more time talking to Lin about how easy it is to fall's not like they had to play defense or learn an offensive system under Coach O'Antoni