Scotty's Bum of the Week- Fri, 1/18/13

The BUM of the Week is our good buddy, Peyton Manning.


The award could have easily gone to Champ Bailey for getting beaten worse than Tina Turner, or John Fox for overseeing probably the most conservative game plan I've ever seen, but Peyton is the loser (he isn't winning a Lombardi trophy so I want him to take home some hardware). Peyton has now gone one and done a record eight times in twelve postseason appearences, including an abysmal 1-4 in the divisional round following a first round bye. The Broncos scored 35 points, but two touchdowns were scored on special teams play: a punt return and a kickoff return. Manning threw two costly interceptions, both to Corey Graham. One was a pick six in the first quarter which put Baltimore ahead 14-7 and the other was late in the first overtime which helped set up the winning field goal. I would love to be a fly on the wall in John Elway's office with the knowledge that Tim Tebow has won more playoff games for the Broncos than Peyton has. Enjoy watching the Super Bowl from the couch, Peyton. At least you'll have plenty of Papa John's pizza!


Get off your knees Peyton, you're blowing the game!