Bum of the Week - 5/16/14

This week’s loser is Bruins forward, Shawn Thornton

Scotty’s BUM of the Week returns, and this week a local sports figure takes home the honors. I have to preface this week’s edition by saying that I like Shawn Thornton a lot. He’s a tough, hard nosed player and a good teammate. He’s been an outstanding citizen during his time in Boston and he has become the face of the renaissance of the Big Bad Bruins. But Shawn Thornton is what he is….an enforcer. Every team in the NHL has one, and he is the guy who impacts the game with his physicality.

Bruins up 3-0, push Pens to the Brink of Elimination on the strong Netminding of Tuukka Rask

This was the game the Penguins needed, and they played like it, repeatedly pushing the pace, being much more crisp than in Game 1 or Game 2. The dominated at times, winning 65% of the face-offs and out-shot the Bruins 54 to 40. But it didn't matter.


Bruins vs. Pens Preview - The Eastern Conference Clash of the Titans

As if there wasn't enough reason to want to win an Eastern Conference Finals (Hello! The Stanley Cup Finals!), this series has a lot of  added intrigue or good story lines. There's Jarome Iginla picking Pittsburgh over Boston to go after the Stanley Cup which has eluded him, after there was already a possibly deal - that was leaked - to bring him to the Bruins (a team by the way he had put on his list of teams he would want to be traded to). There's Jaromir Jagr, the Iginla replacement plan for the Bruins, who, let's just say isn't a fan or organizational favorite in Pittsburgh.

Ain't Nobody Dope as me I'm just so Fresh so Krug

In a world where we know the probable first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft (here's looking at you Andrew Wiggins - just stay healthy during your mandatory purgatory collegiate season); in which we watched LeBron James play high school basketball on National T.V. - as a junior; where 'Sid the Kid' was the next Gretzky before he even entered the NHL; where there is already a top five ranking of every position for next years' NFL draft; or where Bryce Harper was donned the 'LeBron of Baseball' as a young teenager, it is great to see a story of an athlete come out of nowhere.


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