What's the Plan?

The Celtics need to do something...soon.

In the NBA, you have to be either very good or very bad. The worst you can be is mediocre. You don’t want to be an eighth seed, and you don’t want to be the last team in the lottery. Unfortunately, that’s where the Boston Celtics are: mediocre to okay, with no real assets to trade and get better. Basketball purgatory…..up Sh*ts Creek without a paddle….completely stuck.


More Than A Name: Elgin Baylor

Why Elgin Baylor Is The Superstar Of The Shadows

There aren’t many players who were considered as the best during any of point of the careers of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. That number only decreases when those two legends were in their respective primes.

Regarded as one of the top players during an era filled with players of legendary caliber, is now a shadow among casual fans who have no real appreciation nor understanding of his career and achievements, This article will be dedicated to Elgin Baylor and why he is up with anyone to play the game.

So, what made him that great?



This is not to take anything away from the amazing 4th quarter by the San Antonio Spurs (who shot an incredible 14-16 from the field, on 12 assists in the period). Heck, this is not even meant to be an indictment on LeBron. Rather, this is an examination of what the hell did we all see in Game 1 (or hear about in the morning).

Not a LOTTO Luck for Celtics

Lottery fails the Celtics again…

When the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Draft Lottery you can count on one thing: they’re not landing the #1 pick. They never had a chance. If they miss the playoffs again next season…forget that, if they win 10 games and lose 72 next year, they will get 4th pick. Luck is absent for the Celtics in the Lottery, their chances are the same as Bluto’s grade point average in Animal House: ZERO. POINT. ZERO. Last night the year 2014 joined 2007 and 1997 in the miserable history of green ping pong balls. So, now what?

Doc Must Walk

The Boston Celtics cannot bring Rivers back as head coach now.   By: Scott LaCascia   Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers will sit down and talk on Wednesday, amid much turmoil and controversy regarding the latter's future as the head coach of the Boston Celtics. After nearly two weeks of rumors and speculation, this much is clear: Wyc Grousbeck, Ainge and the Celtics CANNOT bring back Doc Rivers as their coach. They don't have a choice anymore. They need to get the Los Angeles Clippers back on the phone and get something done.


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